Many bathrooms are unpleasant if not outright awful. Even when they maybe regularly cleaned, they arouse the normal perception or connotation of bathrooms being an unwelcome place. People are just compelled to use these types of facilities. As bathroom fitters, we do not want you to be visiting your bathrooms because you have to or it is a part of your routine. We aim to let you yearn going there for the pleasure of it.


Expert Bathroom Fitters in London

Bathroom4U is a professional bathroom installation service provider with many years of experience in home improvements through design and renovation of bathrooms and wet rooms. Whilst many construction and plumbing service companies can install ordinary bathrooms, they cannot guarantee their users’ satisfaction with using the facility.

We at Bathroom4U not only commit to completing our design and installation project according to work plans. We also take it as our responsibility to create both a work of beauty and the pleasurable experience with using your bathroom.

Out team of experts is comprised of highly experienced specialists with the necessary skills in our business – installers, fitters, tilers, plumbers, painters, electrician, carpenter, and decorator. All of them are certified in their respective fields and many have all-around competencies. Fully insured, and regularly trained on new industry developments, they employ advanced equipment and tools as they apply the latest technology in the execution of their job.  They have great attention to detail and a passion for both excellent workmanship and customer service.

Your safety and satisfaction are our priority. We ensure that all the work we do conform to existing city or local government regulations and safety and sanitation standards.

We guarantee all our jobs to satisfy or exceed your requirements and preferences. Even as you will find our work flawless in every little detail, our rates are affordable and very competitive.

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Our Bathroom Fitting Service

We provide the full range of service in the installation of all the fixtures in your bathroom including showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, storage units, and fittings. Depending on the scope of the work we have been assigned, we can remove old units and fit new ones, lay floor, tile or plaster walls, do plumbing and electrical work, paint, and decorate your bathroom. Our other activities can also involve identifying and marking the location of hidden pipes and cables, fitting new appliances such as water heater units, hand dryers, and towel warmers. At the end of our job, we clear debris away and dispose of waste materials.

Our engagement starts with your inquiry. When you call us, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. We can answer any question you have and also take the opportunity to make an ocular of the area where the installation will be made. We shall guide you select the new bathroom fixtures units or bathroom suite we can install. We can suggest proven products with a track record of quality and performance. You will be free to either accept our recommendation or make your own choice. Only then can we make a proper estimate and quotation, given without obligation. An initial agreement will trigger us to prepare the work order you need to sign your acceptance to. It outlines the scope of the work, duration, target completion and other details.

With Bathroom4U, you can expect to have a stylish bathroom with a cozy vibe. With a dose of luxury we shall add to the design scheme, you bathroom can well become one of the, if not the focal point of your lovely home. Give us a call to discuss how we can work together to transform your bathroom and enhance the value of your home.

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