Aside from your tub and shower, tiling can be the focal point of your bathroom. Smart homeowners utilise the visual appeal of tiles to the fullest to bring life to their bathrooms. Tiles when perfectly installed can create the dream bathroom you have always desired. That tells us that tiling should only be assigned to the experienced tiling experts. A shabbily designed and installed tiling can make you regretful every time you use your bathroom. Go for the service of tiling professionals straight away for your best benefits.


Professional Tiling Service in London

Bathroom4U has been successfully designing and installing bathroom tiles for London households for over 30 years. It is a major strength in our suite of bathroom renovation expertise. We have created hundreds of modern bathrooms that mesmerise through our expert tiling. We can likewise create your dream bathroom when you work with us.

We have expert tilers that are among the best in the business. Highly experienced and trained on the latest technology in tiling, they have the passion to create bathrooms that make a difference through their tiling and make homeowners satisfied. They are certified and fully insured. They use advanced equipment, tools, and methods in the execution of their job.

We tile bathroom floors and walls. We can make your tiling have the classic design feature with 34’’ and 54” height or with wall-to-wall tiling that will allow everything in the bathroom to hold up well when wet.


The Tiling Materials We Use

Our many years of experience working with bathroom tiles allow us to be able to intelligently suggest the best tiling materials to suit your needs and expectations. Ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl tiles are by far the most popular tile materials used by many customers, and they have good reasons to do so. They are practical options. There are other choices you can make. We can guide you with information on their pros and cons and whether they can meet your needs. We’ll brief you on the aspects of their safety, comfort, durability, visual appeal, ease of installation, and price. Aside from the top three tiles in use, you also have the option for glass tiles, stone tiles, plastic laminate tiles, linoleum floor tiles, and cork tiles. Whichever you come up with, we will ensure we get the finest quality reliable tiles.

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Our Tile Design Options 

We let homeowners take maximum advantage of the visual effect bathroom tiles can provide. Our experienced decorator can suggest the most appropriate tile designs that will bring the optimum beauty to your bathroom and enhance its value.

Tiles can bring so much personality to your bathroom, dictate the mood, and create a statement. Through tile pattern, color, and shape, we can create the motif you want for your area – modern, classic, historic, natural, etc.; they are possible with tile design. The style from your tiles can also influence the mood you want, which can be fun, playful, bursting with energy, or calming depending on your taste, all whilst providing aesthetic appeal. We are limited only by our imagination in coming up with the tile design that will suit you.


Benefits of Our Tiling Service

When you work with Bathrooms 4U, you will feel secure working with experts. You get the benefit of outstanding unique beauty from your bathroom’s tiling. Our tiling is perfect and flawless in every detail, our hallmark. Its durability will let you enjoy it for many years. Our tiling job is covered with a 5-year warranty.

Let your bathroom make a statement and your discerning taste for beauty and elegance show with our expert bathroom tiling. Call us to know how we can be your partner in your bathroom project.

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