When your bathroom or wet room is supposed to be waterproof but it’s not, you are in for trouble. Water seepage and leaks can cause water to accumulate in areas they shouldn’t, resulting in a mess and potential health and hygiene and safety issues. Water damage can also happen. Deterioration and weakening of house structures and mold formation are also possible. That’s when you have to spend a substantial amount of money to have the problem corrected and a new waterproofing done by competent personnel.

If you are waterproofing your new bathroom or wet room, it is prudent to call on professionals to do the job for you for your peace of mind.

Waterproofing is making a structure impervious to water by resisting its ingress. An important process in the construction industry, it is employed to protect building roofs, basements, balconies, decks, and other areas prone to water damage, which include bathrooms and wet rooms.


Expert Waterproofing Specialists in London

Bathroom 4U is a professional waterproofing service provider exclusively for bathrooms and wet rooms, our core area of competency and business focus. We protect these places in your home where water is continuously used for utility purposes and bathing by making them waterproof. Through our waterproofing, we make them relatively unaffected by water thereby preventing water seepage and the potential damage it can result in.

Our waterproofing experience has been as extensive as that with our bathroom installation. The two services go hand in hand. Waterproofing service is a common natural requirement when we are assigned a bathroom or wet room project. We have also been called in a countless number of times by clients who had their bathrooms built by competitors and are experiencing water seepage or leakage problems. Whilst our repair would be able to correct these problems, the clients normally regretted not having chosen us to do their bathrooms from the start so they wouldn’t have to be inconvenienced greatly.

Our waterproofing specialists have many years of experience having worked on numerous projects in London. They are certified, licensed, and fully insured. Their skills are regularly updated through attending advanced training on the latest waterproofing technology. They utilise modern methods and techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and tools on their job producing the highest quality. All our waterproofing jobs are covered by a 5-year warranty.


Our Waterproofing Process

To help contain possible water leak through failed joints or grouting or leaky plumbing fixtures, we apply a liquid rubber membrane onto areas likely to see water to create a kind of sealed area.

Corners and edges are sealed first using silicon with a neutral cure that will not damage the waterproofing membrane. A polyester fabric bandage is also used over the joints to create a bond breaker. It is flexible and helps decouple the waterproofing member at the joints to prevent damaging the membrane over time when small movements in the building happen. A bond breaker is also needed around penetrations through the waterproofing membrane such as drains and tap outlets. To ensure that the waterproofing membrane is fully soaked through, it is applied under the edges of the polyester fabric. It is also done to make sure it adheres properly to the wall or floor. The membrane is painted across floors and walls. Two coats are typically used. When the first coat is rolled vertically, the second one is rolled at the right angle, i.e., horizontally.

Benefits of Our Waterproofing Service

Bathroom4U guarantees satisfactory results with our waterproofing service. We help prevent water leaks and seepage, water wastage, and a costly repair. It can also avoid dampness and mould and serious issues with your structure such as warping and deteriorated walls and structure failures. With our expert waterproofing, we’ll provide you the peace of mind you deserve.

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