A wet room can be of better service to you when you need to have the floor of your showering area on a complete level with the rest of the room. It is ideal for those with mobility issues; they can move effortlessly in and out of the walk-in shower. It is also a great way of effectively utilising floor space whether you want it installed on the ground or upper floor of your house. It can be installed regardless of the construction material used on your floor. A wet room is likewise more maintenance-friendly. Since the shower water has greater reach, it requires less cleaning.


You cannot assign your wet room installation to just any construction, plumbing, or even bathroom fitters. Their lack of experience and expertise can cause you trouble with water leakage, accumulation, and eventual water damage.


Professional Wet Room Fitters in London


Bathroom4U isn’t just an expert in standard bathrooms. We are as experienced in the design and installation of wet rooms. The hundreds of bathroom remodelling projects we have completed over our 30 years of operation have included numerous wet rooms for London homes. Whether the houses we fit wet rooms for are modest or posh, our installations always provide a touch of elegance to their homes enhancing their value.


We are highly qualified to design and install wet rooms; we understand the important features and elements they should have to be effective and at the same time have a visually appealing and modern look. Our wet room systems are guaranteed to be waterproof under all circumstances of use and we give a 5-year warranty with our waterproofing. Our service area covers any point in London.


We work as a team with each member being specialised in their respective fields – fitters, installers, waterproofing specialists, tilers, plumbers, painters, electricians, and decorators. Many of them have multi-competencies. All certified and fully insured, they are highly experienced and trained with the latest methods in wet room design and installation. They use advanced equipment and tools in carrying out their job. The quality of our work comes from our personnel’s great attention to detail and a passion for excellent workmanship and customer service.

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Our Wet Room Fitting Service

Upon calling us for an inquiry, we shall arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs and requirements. We shall determine your understanding of the wet room you desire to have and explain what else you may need to know about them. We want to be sure all your requirements and expectations will be fully met.


With our knowledge and experience in wet rooms, we can advise you of its most appropriate location in your lovely home for its maximum service benefits and trouble-free usage. We can also recommend the ideal materials you can choose to build your wet room with.


We install all the necessary fixtures in your wet room mainly the shower. We ensure the wet room is waterproof. When part of the plan, we also install tubs, sinks, toilets, and storage units, and other fittings. In renovation and refurbishment projects, we remove old units and fit new ones, lay floor, tile, or plaster walls, do plumbing and electrical work, paint, and decorate your entire bathroom. We can fit new appliances including automatic water heater units, hand dryers, and towel warmers. When our wet room installation job is done, we clear debris away and dispose of waste materials.


Call Bathroom 4U for a wet room that is stylish, has great design flexibility, and highly functional. It will be an affordable luxury that can maximise your space at home. Most importantly, you can have peace of mind, as it is guaranteed 100% watertight. Call us now.

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